Dealing with Trauma — By Donald R, Maxwell, Ph.D.   In the aftermath of local and global events, many adults and children are struggling with the emotional impact of large-scale damage and losses of life. Research has shown that both adults and children who experience catastrophic events show a wide range of reactions, which reflect Read More »

Biofeedback Enhances ADHD Treatments — By Sid Kirchheimer, WebMD Medical News   Dec. 20, 2002 — Biofeedback, a therapy in which patients are taught to control physiologic functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, and even their brain waves, is emerging as an effective treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). And new research suggests Read More »

Lawmakers Consider Neurotherapy for Inmates — By Dwight F. Blint, Courant Staff Writer. Lawmakers are considering use of an unconventional treatment program to improve the behavior of Connecticut prison inmates. The program, called Neurotherapy, is a method for improving the functioning of the brain, by employing a method similar to biofeedback. It is most commonly Read More »

Link Between Improved Memory & Neurofeedback — For immediate release: 22 January 2003.   Scientists from Imperial College London and Charing Cross Hospital believe that it may be possible to improve memory by up to 10 percent through the use of neurofeedback. The results announced in the International Journal of Psychophysiology this month show a Read More »