Self-Regulation Training

Practical Programs are programs for special populations with unique therapeutic needs. Each program has a focus on diagnosis and treatment specific to that group.

Self-Regulation for ADHD Children

AD/HD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is one of the largest referral groups to mental health clinics. This population of children has received enormous attention from the scientific and clinical community, as well as the media. Our approach assumes that the fundamental therapeutic challenge for AD/HD is: How can we train better attention, achievement, and compliance for better long-term outcome?

The answer is twofold: Caretakers must better manage behaviours associated with the disorder, and the child must learn better activation, attentiveness, and behavioural control. Therefore, our Practical Program for AD/HD children includes these two components:

Behavioural management for parents for parents. Self-regulation training for the child.

Motivation for young people

If you’re a teenager or young adult, it’s normal to have times in which you are stressed, experience mood swings, feel pressure from peers, or underachieve at school. But the impact of stress can build up over time, and you can feel “stuck” and unable to dig yourself out of a slump. And the longer you’re in that slump, the tougher it gets to break free. Negative feedback from parents often makes things worse, even though they want to help.

You can now enhance your skills of mood control and academic performance with a fun program of self-regulation enhancement in which someone isn’t telling you what to do. This training program combines modern day computer technology and the principles of learning for an enjoyable and effective program to benefit motivation, mood, self-esteem, and achievement.